Trying to be successful is not the same as trying to kill yourself doing it.

When you’re in love with something, it doesn’t mean dying for it makes it all worth it.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, nobody else does.

If you are sick, if a family member dies, if there is a big fire in the way of your getting to work then you can put work to pause. That doesn’t mean you are less passionate, irresponsible or leaving your team behind.

Remember that health and happiness is the real wealth that fuels your passion. Don’t go to work out of obligation. Go because you love it, and love thrives anywhere.

Talking don’t help. Doing does.

1 month into it. What have I got?

Scared shitless. Every day wondering if I’m doing the right thing. Everyday wondering if the stuff that comes out of the studio is what we represent.

Learned that I’m design blind.

Learned that I recognize if it sends the right message or not.

Learned that there are language barriers between a Designer, Copywriter, Creative Director and Project Manager.

Learned that there is also a flow of communication so the message can be clearer between everyone.

Learned that Designers appreciate being appreciated, just like everybody else.

Learned that listening is better than

Learned that asking questions can be a form of direction.

Learned that great designers don’t need to be directed, they work as a team willingly.

Learned that there is a difference between Art Directors and Creative Directors (if this seems apparent, it doesn’t to someone from a Copywriter’s role who has never worked with Art Directors before).

Learned that everyone is still learning.

Learned that I should give myself a bit of time.

Learned to stop asking how I’m doing from my colleagues.

Learned (more like telling myself) to stop obsessing about what I can’t do, or how it used to be done, or if I can live up to it.

Need to learn to find my own creative direction.

Assertive vs Pushy

Assertiveness comes from the inside. It drives a person and then a team. Assertiveness means being prepared to prepare others into battle.

Pushy is getting people to do what you can’t yourself. It makes you dependant and not necessarily successful. If anything it makes people annoyed and you unconfident.

I’m scared that I’m not showing the level of leadership required to drive a team of men. They are great artists, but less ability to capture the connection. Whilst I am able to connect complex ideas together, I lack the ability to communicate it clearly and effectively. So I look really weak.

Funny thing is that Zakhir my actual CD entrusted me with this role. There must be something that he saw in me that says I can do it. If he can see it, I have to see it too.